Shanti Institute Of Management Studies
+2 Science & Commerce Residental College

Designed for perfection

Curriculum is the driving force of any institutionalized educational activity. If it defines what and how much should the students learn at which stages for easy assimilation and application of knowledge, its successful implementation ultimately depends upon the quantity and quality of resources available and the methodology adopted for imparting such knowledge. Quality learning is dependent on quality tests. SIMS holds weekly, monthly, unit wise surprise and daily tests to assess the degree of learning by students, by the way augmenting the latent talents of the students. At SIMS formal classroom teaching is supplemented with a plethora of informal academic activities where students can freely express and explore themselves, learn from each other through intensive interaction with each other and with facilities.

Co-Curricular activities

Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the total academic profile in SIMS and we strive to add up as an institution with its own characteristic to redefine learning. SIMS is designed to be a hub of co-curricular activities that will keep its charge enthralled and enthused with a meaningful activity schedule. At SIMS student-centric programmes supplement academic excellence. Music, dance, art and craft, quiz, calligraphy etc. find encouragement and to teach the same to students artists of repute have been appointed and Sunday Art School is functional. Activities such as debates and dramatics will teach the art of speaking with confidence in public. Inter-hostel and intra-college competitions further individual talent development with competitive team spirit.

Parent-faculty-Administration Interaction

Faculties occupy a place of pride in giving their pupils a proper direction and a solid foundation. The contribution of parents in this effort is equally important. In fact, it is the academic environment of the college and the domestic atmosphere of the hostel that silently and steadily chisels a student's perception of the world around him. Motivation in equal measure must therefore come from both the faculties and the parents. In this context administration plays a cementing force to build a relationship between faculties, students and parents. This is covertly guarded by the professional administrative staff of SIMS. The college holds regular parent-faculty-admin meetings for exchange of ideas as may prove vital for the proper mental and emotional growth of a student besides the academic performance.


The foray of SIMS education comes with certain added advantage that give learning a new and wider dimension of reaching out to the meritorious and the most deserving.

SIMS nurture talents and merit by extending scholarships to outstanding students not only in academics but also in other spheres of activity. Excellence in sports, performing arts and fine arts find equal recognition and encouragement.

School Badge

Beside the scholarships, scholar badges are awarded to meritorious students in recognition of academic achievements.

Scholar badges have become symbols of excellence and stature and every student is encouraged to vie for scholar badges through achievement at every stage of academic server.

Visits, outings, field trips and excursions

Teaching and learning process is an automation and this automation is further thrust forward by an application. Student must understand their surroundings and the different matters happening around them. Accordingly learning at SIMS is not simply confined to the class rooms but beyond to make learning a joyful process, an experience and an adventure. Students are taken to outside world in and around Cuttack and Bhubaneswar for outings, which makes the learning less stressful.