Shanti Institute Of Management Studies
+2 Science & Commerce Residental College

If we know enough, we achieve greatness. We also achieve humility in learning what we did not know. That humility is the strength of SIMS: humility in spirit, thought and deed. In a journey, spanning over months and years, SIMS has aimed to do just that; the achievements of twin foals of greatness and humility. And it has done so, with an enviable record of success. Today, we have emerged as the numero uno education provider in Cuttack-Bhubaneswar complex and possibly in Orissa. And, each day, we commit ourselves a new to this task.

In 2008, the SIMS Education society was created; months later, with hosannas from the academic world, the society can look upon a multitude of potent activities with a justifiable pride. The principles, philosophy and values that are our strengths, have the diligence to adhere to basic excellence, and yet the elan to run with the changing times. Much of this success is owned to our faculties, administrative staff members and to the board of governors. A distinguished group of the creme de la creme of different achievers and champions in their own right, they had the foresight to see the patterns of change, and the iron determination to infuse an absolute excellence. The outcome? A great emerges - the SIMS System of Education.