Shanti Institute Of Management Studies
+2 Science & Commerce Residental College

The Institution

SIMS will not only strive to adhere to the tenets of quality education but is committed to carry forward this educational philosophy for the new heights of glory.

It is towards upholding the value systems SIMS stands for, that all care is being taken for the fruition and development of SIMS initiative.

Spread over a sprawling area in the mesmerizing, peaceful and pollutions free environs of CDA, Cuttack, the college campus is a self-contained, self-sufficient centre of learning and learning to excel in the field of one�s choice.

SIMS stands for quality education for grooming in right earnest generation after generations of young citizens who are humble but self-confident, self-driven but selfless, self-effacing but assertive, reliable but relentless in pursuit of excellence.

Pillar of Streangth

If we know enough, we achieve greatness. We also achieve humility in learning what we did not know. That humility is the strength of SIMS : humility in spirit, thought and deed. In a journey, spanning over months and years, SIMS has aimed to do just that; the achievements of twin goals of greatness and humility. And it has done so, with an enviable record of success. Today, we have emerged as the numero uno education provider in Cuttack-Bhubaneswar complex and possibly in Orissa. And, each day, we commit ourselves anew to this task. In 2008, the SIMS Education Society was created; months later, with hosannas from the academic world, the society can look upon a multitude of potent activities with a justifiable pride. The principles, philosophy and values that are our strengths, have the diligence to adhere to basic excellence, and yet the elan to run with the changing times. Much of this success is owned to our faculties, administrative staff members and to the board of governers. A distinguished group of the creme de la creme of different achievers and champions in their own right, they had the foresight to see the patterns of change, and the iron determination to insist an absolute excellence. The outcome ? A great order emerges - the SIMS

SIMS is built on certain benchmarks. An aesthetic atmosphere, a dynamic faculty, a pro-active administration, excellent curricular and co-curricular faculties, library and resources centre, smart class rooms, multi-media centres and efficient hostel management system, are some of the basics. Activities at college, teacher and student co-ordination that foster thinking with broader perspective, are incidentals which come with the strength of the SIMS education. Well-planned curriculum, continuous upgradation, constant drive to perform, perfection in examination and evolution systems, and sights on times ahead, are some of the in-built characteristics, that have created the SIMS' leadership in education.

  • Logical
  • Linguistic
  • Mathematical
  • Intra-personal
  • Naturalist
  • Bodily- Kinesthetic
  • Inter-personal
  • Musical

Sj Udaya Narayan Nanda ( Chairman SIMS )

The curious and inquisitive young brains are more prone to confusions. To add to this confusion there is the search for the source of a knowledge. So, the choice of a befitting knowledge source must be taken in a decisive manner which may mar or man the future prospects of a young brain. The choice must be much more affirmative than speculative.

We, here, at SIMS have taken stands to augment your right search in a positive manner and you will find your goal taking a shape if you once visit our campus and interact with us. SIMS has an endeavour to nurture the young talent with an eye to the old Gurukul style without compromising the approach to modern teaching and learning ambience.

In SIMS only success is not your limit, success in terms of all round development combined with a host of knowledge is your goal. Our endeavour to enable you in this direction is the pursuit that we aim at.

Mr Sushanta Ku. Nanda ( Secretary SIMS )

Education is a higher human aspiration and learning is an instinct to carry that humane aspiration to a higher level. Education is also a process of continuity where the preceeding generation attempts to help the next generation for a better life, better intellect and better everything. If the process of education is to help the evolution of man in terms of intellect, character, soul, and perfection, SIMS is an honest endeavour to further this evolution.

Recent years have experienced a sea-change in field of education and research. The classical and conventional methodology in education have been replaced. The course structures have come under critical purview and a new ethics is developed which has a relevance to the world we live in and at the same time it keeps pace with the change in knowledge in every sphere of life. It is most unfortunate that in Orissa Higher Secondary level teaching still suffers the same set-backs of previous and orthodox education system. As a result the students at this critical level do not get sufficient and proper attention. The course and the evaluation system have not been revolutionized to replace the old methods. In this regard I am optimistic that SIMS infuses a new revolution in the field of education and training to nurture young talents.

At last, we sincerely seek the co-operation from parents, teachers and well-wishers to transform our dream.

Mr. Ashok Dash ( Principal SIMS )

SIMS Family-purpose and values

Educating the heart.

Preparing Global citizens and Agents of Social change committed to humanistic values and democratic traditions.

Educating the Mind and the Body

Equipping students with life skills and academic skills through delivery of individualized integrated learning programme as per national standards of excellence.

Creating life long learners to meet constantly changing challenges and needs of the world around them.

Creating caring learning environment

  • Providing joyful, disciplined, secular learning environment.
  • Led by a talent pool of role model faculty.
  • Backed by complementing state-of-the art infrastructure.

Implementing Equal opportunities

Taking up the challenge of inclusion of the geographically, economically, socially and physically marginalized sections of the rural and urban students through our education programmes.